We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving our local youth!

  • For general inquiries, please call our main office at (260) 824-1330
  • For specific questions, please see the staff directory below
  • Ryan Biegel
    Executive Director



    Connect with Ryan: [email protected]

    Here Ryan's vision for our chapter: Click Here

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  • Cheris Miller
    Chief Ministry Officer (CMO) 



    Connect with Cheris: [email protected]

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  • Josh Seder
    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)



    Connect with Josh: [email protected]

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  • Rhonda Beall
    Chief Operations Officer (COO)



    Connect with Rhonda: [email protected]

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  • Josh Goodman
    Communications Director 

    & Bluffton Middle & High School Campus Life Director

    Connect with Josh: [email protected]

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    Learn more about Josh's Middle School ministry: Click Here

    Learn more about Josh's High School ministry: Click Here

  • Levi Grooms
    Blackford Middle & High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Levi: [email protected]

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  • Sarah McLeester
    Eastbrook Junior High Campus Life Director and The SwitchUp City Life Director

    Connect with Sarah[email protected]

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  • Lydia Davis
    Eastbrook High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Lydia: [email protected]

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  • Samantha Yeagy
    Madison Grant Middle & High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Sam: [email protected]

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  • Taylor Frank
    Interim Marion High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Taylor: [email protected]

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  • Tom Barton
    Mississinewa High Campus Life Director


    Connect with Tom: [email protected]

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  • Stan Myers
    Oak Hill Middle & High School Campus Life Director

    Connect with Stan: [email protected]

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  • Emily Trout
    Oak Hill Campus Life Assistant Director

    Connect with Emily: [email protected]

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  • Troy Shockey
    The Red Barn/City Life Director



    Connect with Troy & the Red Barn: [email protected]

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  • Andrew Warren
    Jay County High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Andrew: [email protected]

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  • Faith Parr
    Assistant Jay County Campus Life Director


    Connect with Faith: [email protected]

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  • Zach Borntreger
    Adams Central & Bellmont Middle School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Zach: [email protected]

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  • Dylan Krueger
    Adams Central High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Dylan: [email protected]

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  • Jimmy Sheets
    Bellmont High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Jimmy: [email protected]

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  • Adam Stout
    Bellmont & South Adams Middle School Campus Life Director

    Connect with Adam: [email protected]

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  • Jesse Gaskill
    South Adams High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Jesse: [email protected]

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  • Allison Blevins
    Southern Wells Junior & Senior High School Campus Life Director


    Connect with Allison: [email protected]

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  • Garrett Bucher
    Norwell Middle & High School Campus Life Co-Director


    Connect with Garrett: [email protected]

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  • Ked Moser
    Norwell Middle & High School Campus Life Co-Director & Wells & Blackford Area Director 


    Connect with Ked: [email protected]

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  • Susan Ealing



    Connect with Susan: [email protected]

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  • Becky Colby
    Staff Assistant



    Connect with Becky: [email protected]

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