Share His Story

September 24, 2022


Over the last year, Campus Life has helped me grow closer to Jesus and my community. Coming into my sophomore year, I regularly attended events and connected with God. As the year progressed, I saw myself reading my Bible and praying more often.

I ended up going to GoMad, and that absolutely changed my life. After that trip, I had a stronger bond with God than ever. My eyes really opened when I started reading Unforced Rhythms by Gwen Jackson. It showed everyone has their dark moments, and you’re not doing something wrong even when you’re not motivated to read your Bible.

It’s one thing to follow him, but it’s another to share his story. I have enjoyed going out into the community and assisting others in cleaning up their yards and helping lead questions during a Campus Life event for my peers. This organization has influenced me to become a better person, not for myself, but for the Glory of God.

High School Student