The Red Barn is an outreach center for youth in Upland, Indiana that functions as BIGJAWs City Life Ministry. It is a partnership between Youth for Christ and Lightrider Ministries and run by Troy Shockey, a director for Youth for Christ.  

The purpose of City Life is to help young people to develop attitudes and behavior patterns that allow them to function more constructively in society.  While all of the Youth for Christ ministries share the same purpose, City Life meets and interacts with students, grades 6-12, in Grant County before and after school. A number of volunteers from area Christian colleges help assist in providing an exciting, safe, and Christ-centered environment in which kids may play, learn, and grow.

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The SwitchUp is an afterschool youth program for students in the Van Buren community. Located in the Eastbrook School district, the SwitchUp recently partnered with BIGJAWs Youth for Christ to become a City Life model Ministry. 

City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry, intended to share the good news of the gospel by word and deed. Not only does the SwitchUp provide students a safe place, each day there is intentional programming to deepen relationships and address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our teens. Through opportunities such as tutoring, civic engagement, and educational classes the end goal is to not just challenge and grow each student, but nurture them in an authentic Christ-sharing relationship with a caring adult. By immersing ourselves in the daily lives of teens we become an integral part of their community and by God's grace, a platform for the gospel to be lived out.   

This City Life program is for students 6th-12th grade and runs 3:00pm-5:00pm Monday-Thursday (with occasional Friday trips/special events). The SwitchUp is directed by Sarah McLeester along with a team of many other volunteer leaders from the local community